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Also available Calories to kilojoules.


Convert kilojoules to Calories (kj to Cal) instructions

Often we are faced with the situation where we have to convert kilojoules to Calories (kj to Cal). This is particularly true if you are dieting. Many dieting programs still use Calories, but many menus such as those you find in food halls, list kilojoules. If you're counting your energy intake in Calories, you'll need to convert from kilojoules to Calories (kj to Cal). The convert kilojoules to Calories (kj to Cal) calculator only requires you to enter the kilojoule (kj) value and then click Submit. The Calorie (Cal) value will then be displayed.

The primary purpose of the kilojoules to Calories calculator, is to assist in converting from kilojoules to Calories (kj to Cal), but for those who wish to convert from Calories to kilojoules (Cal to kj), a link is provided to calculator for converting from Calories to kilojoules (Cal to kj) in the menu above.



Interesting facts

Calories versus calories 

Often with units of measure if we use a capital letter or lower case letter it doesn't matter. However when it comes to Calories versus calories, there's a huge difference that can be confusing and catch people out. Calories with a capital 'c' is the unit we use when we think of dieting. One Calorie is 1,000 calories. That is a calorie with a lower case 'c' is a thousandth of a Calorie. Often people don't realise the significance of the capital and lower case 'c'. Personally I found this created issues when using online calculators and was one of the reasons for writing the kilojoule to Calorie calculator.

Kilojoules versus kilojoules 

Unlike Calories and calories, whether we use a capital letter or not with kilojoules doesn't matter. It's simply the same just as metre/Metre and Litre/litre are the same.

Calories or kilojoules are units of measure 

Calories and kilojoules are units of measure used when referring to energy. Food has an energy content and you'll see the energy content written on packets either in Calories or kilojoules.

Cal or kJ are abbreviations 

Cal is often used to abbreviate Calories and kJ is often used to abbreviate kilojoules.

Converting between Calories and kilojoules 

The approximate conversion factor for converting between Calories and kilojoules is 4.184. Divide kilojoules by 4.184 to get Calories, or multiply Calories by 4.184 to get kilojoules. A simpler although less accurate technique is to divide kilojoules by 4, or multiply Calories by 4. Not as accurate, but for many purposes sufficient.

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